Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Liverpool's Steven Gerrard is recovering well

Steven Gerrard missed majority of the last season,
suffering with a groin injury
Liverpool's manager Kenny Dalglish is excited about recovery progress from the groin injury of the midfielder Steven Gerrard. However Dalglish is not in a rush to play Steven Gerrard and he is not expected to be back on the field and in a starting lineup before September.

"Steven won't be too far away. All the tests that have come back are far better than what was anticipated so we're delighted with that for him",  Dalglish said at the press conference.

"He's had some really positive news and we'll just wait for the progress to continue. But the date that has been mentioned hasn't been changed."

Although Steven Gerrard will be needed on the field, Liverpool's manager will allow the midfielder to completely recover from the injury. 

Watch video of Kenny Dalglish on Steven Gerrard's groin operation & Liverpool's hopes for the new season:

Monday, August 1, 2011

Juventus announced the signing of Montenegro forward Mirko Vucinic

The 27-year-old Montenegro forward Mirko Vucinic signed a €13.1 million, 3 year deal with Juventus. Vucinic is to be transferred from Roma and will take his starter position as the 5th Juventus signing this year, which already includes such players as Stephan Lichsteinerfrom  from Lazio, Andrea Pirlo from AC Milan, Arturo Vidal from Bayer Leverkusen and Reto Ziegler from of Sampdoria.

Juventus is hoping to erase the bad memories of the uneventful 2010-2011  Italian Seria A season with some help from newcomers, such as Mirko Vucinic. However, no satisfaction for those who wanted to see Vucinic in  a Roma uniform this year.
Seria A club Juventus announced the signing of
Montenegro forward Mirko Vucinic

"Juventus have done well to take Vucinic, he's a great signing," Savicevic, Former AC Milan forward and current Montenegro Football Federation president, said in his interview.

"And now that he's matured this transfer will allow him to take a definite step up in quality.

"He could have gone to Chelsea or Manchester United because Mirko has the ability to play in big clubs and he deserves it.

"Football goes in cycles, as happened with Milan. After some tough seasons Juventus should get back to being one of the best."

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Alexis Sanchez signs a 5 year deal with Barcelona

Barcelona confirmed that 22-year old Alexis Sanchez is in fact joining the Catalonian club and will be transferred from the Italian Seria A. Udinesse Calcio released the Chilean striker on Thursday.

Alexis Sanchez celebrating a goal for Chile in
Copa America Argentina 2011
Barcelona was able to steal the deal away for 26 million, from such teams as Manchester City and Chelsea who had their eyes on Sanchez.

The fact that Barcelona signed a 5 year contract with Alexis Sanchez, shows the club's strong commitment to develop the young striker into a star player and implement his enormous talent.

Considering his out of the ordinary performance at Copa America Argentina 2011, Sanchez should make a strong addition to the Barcelona's attacking game.
Alexis Sanchez appearing for Chile international team

Uruguay beats Paraguay 3-0 in Copa América 2011 Final

Some 60,000 fans gathered in Montevideo, Uruguay to celebrate the country's Copa America 2011 champion squad return home. It's been a long wait since Uruguay last won the Copa in 1995 and now the title belongs to Uruguay again.

Luis Suarez celebrates his goal against
Paraguay in Copa America 2011 final
Uruguay displayed top level game in the first half, as star forward Luis Suarez opened a score on 12' after a pass by Diego Perez. Overall much stronger and with higher possession percentage, Uruguay scored the second goal on the 42', when Arevalo Rios stole the ball from the Paraguay defender and gave a precise pass to Diego Forlán, who took a shot and placed a ball in the net of Justo Villar.

In response to Uruguay's total domination in a first half, Paraguay answered with an attack by Haedo, who hit the crossbar of Uruguay's Fernando Muslera. However, to the disappointment of Paraguay fans, that was not enough to save the game, as Diego Farlan delivered a final blow on the 90', scoring a goal, which ended Paraguay's dream of Copa America 2011 championship title.

"My grandfather won it, my father won it, and now I have also done it," Diego Forlán said in Monumental stadium after the win over Paraguay. “Three generations have won this trophy,” he said. “The name of Forlán will stay in history.”

Diego Forlán goes down in history of Copa America
as a third generation player to participate and win
the the tournament
Luis Suarez was chosen as the best player of the tournament.

Undefeated, Uruguay won the 2011 Copa America for the 15th time in the history of this oldest international championship on the planet.

Watch Copa America Argentina 2011 Final Uruguay v Paraguay highlights video:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Argentina is out of Copa América 2011 with Carlos Tevez's miss on penealty shootout 5-4

Carlos Tevez after missing a disappointing penalty shot.
Uruguay will move on to face Peru in the semi-finals
 Uruguay ended Argentina’s quest for the semi-final, as the game came to the penalty shootout, with Carlos Tevez's penalty miss becoming decisive factor in the quarter-final match. The game proved to be an exciting encounter of such old rivals and did not disappoint football fans. 

After an exhausting round of regular time and additional time, the match came to a stand-still and  penalty shootout became the only option to decide who is going to play in a semi-final game. Penalties came to  5-4, when Carlos Tevez missed a shot, sending his team out of the Copa America 2011.

Gonzalo Higuain equalized on the 17’, which canceled out the earlier goal by Diego Perez of Uruguay. Red card to Javier Maschrano and amazing goaltending by Uruguay’s Fernando Muslera caused the game to go into additional time and eventually to penalty shootout. Uruguay will now face Peru in  the semi-finals, who beat Columbia 2-0. 

Watch Copa America Argentina 2011: Uruguay v Argentina highlights video:

Friday, July 15, 2011

Copa América 2011: Uruguay, Mexico 1 - 0

July 12, 2011, La Plata, Argentina
Mexico international fans were stunned by the loss to Uruguay on Tuesday at La Plata. The game presented a significant challenge for Mexico, while Uruguay's Luis Suarez and Diego Forlan pressed relentlessly on the Mexican defense.
Alvaro Pereira scores a goal against Mexico in a Group C match

 A goal scored at 14' when Diego Forlán's shot slipped out of the grip of the Mexican goalkeeper Michel and Alvaro Pereira, who was standing nearby, pushed the ball into the net. Alternatively there were not too many chances created by the Mexican side and only Giovani dos Santos provided with few opportunities to even the score but failed to capitalize on them.

Diego Forlán and the rest of the Uruguay's squad
will face Argentina in a quarter-final

Mexico was knocked out from Group C and was sent packing home to face the embarrassment at Copa América 2011 without a single win and with a loss to Uruguay in addition to a scandal with suspensions involving nearly half of the team in the early stages of competition.
Uruguay will move on to quarter-finals to face the host Argentina, which is promising to be a very exciting derby.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ronaldinho hopeful to jump start with Flamengo

Rio Flamengo fans came out by thousands to greet the signing of the world-class Brazilian striker Ronaldinho, who has agreed to transfer to Flamengo from AC Milan.

However there are those, who are not so optimistic about the transfer.

"Ronaldinho is close to being an ex-player," sports daily Lance! wrote.

 "The club has entered into despair, a result of the team's awful campaign last year. The amount of money involved is unrealistic for Brazilian soccer. And it gets worse. The club has made the investment without knowing if he really wants to play, given that recently he's been seen more on the dance floor than on the pitch."

Ronaldinho's first appearance for Flamengo 2011
No doubt that Ronaldinho has not shown his top form since 2006 World Cup, while showing mediocre results in AC Milan, but the football player of such magnitude with a right team and under right circumstances could ignite his career and boost Flamengo in the race for the Brazilian Championship.