Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Uruguay beats Paraguay 3-0 in Copa América 2011 Final

Some 60,000 fans gathered in Montevideo, Uruguay to celebrate the country's Copa America 2011 champion squad return home. It's been a long wait since Uruguay last won the Copa in 1995 and now the title belongs to Uruguay again.

Luis Suarez celebrates his goal against
Paraguay in Copa America 2011 final
Uruguay displayed top level game in the first half, as star forward Luis Suarez opened a score on 12' after a pass by Diego Perez. Overall much stronger and with higher possession percentage, Uruguay scored the second goal on the 42', when Arevalo Rios stole the ball from the Paraguay defender and gave a precise pass to Diego Forlán, who took a shot and placed a ball in the net of Justo Villar.

In response to Uruguay's total domination in a first half, Paraguay answered with an attack by Haedo, who hit the crossbar of Uruguay's Fernando Muslera. However, to the disappointment of Paraguay fans, that was not enough to save the game, as Diego Farlan delivered a final blow on the 90', scoring a goal, which ended Paraguay's dream of Copa America 2011 championship title.

"My grandfather won it, my father won it, and now I have also done it," Diego Forlán said in Monumental stadium after the win over Paraguay. “Three generations have won this trophy,” he said. “The name of Forlán will stay in history.”

Diego Forlán goes down in history of Copa America
as a third generation player to participate and win
the the tournament
Luis Suarez was chosen as the best player of the tournament.

Undefeated, Uruguay won the 2011 Copa America for the 15th time in the history of this oldest international championship on the planet.

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