Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ronaldinho hopeful to jump start with Flamengo

Rio Flamengo fans came out by thousands to greet the signing of the world-class Brazilian striker Ronaldinho, who has agreed to transfer to Flamengo from AC Milan.

However there are those, who are not so optimistic about the transfer.

"Ronaldinho is close to being an ex-player," sports daily Lance! wrote.

 "The club has entered into despair, a result of the team's awful campaign last year. The amount of money involved is unrealistic for Brazilian soccer. And it gets worse. The club has made the investment without knowing if he really wants to play, given that recently he's been seen more on the dance floor than on the pitch."

Ronaldinho's first appearance for Flamengo 2011
No doubt that Ronaldinho has not shown his top form since 2006 World Cup, while showing mediocre results in AC Milan, but the football player of such magnitude with a right team and under right circumstances could ignite his career and boost Flamengo in the race for the Brazilian Championship.