Friday, July 15, 2011

Copa América 2011: Uruguay, Mexico 1 - 0

July 12, 2011, La Plata, Argentina
Mexico international fans were stunned by the loss to Uruguay on Tuesday at La Plata. The game presented a significant challenge for Mexico, while Uruguay's Luis Suarez and Diego Forlan pressed relentlessly on the Mexican defense.
Alvaro Pereira scores a goal against Mexico in a Group C match

 A goal scored at 14' when Diego Forlán's shot slipped out of the grip of the Mexican goalkeeper Michel and Alvaro Pereira, who was standing nearby, pushed the ball into the net. Alternatively there were not too many chances created by the Mexican side and only Giovani dos Santos provided with few opportunities to even the score but failed to capitalize on them.

Diego Forlán and the rest of the Uruguay's squad
will face Argentina in a quarter-final

Mexico was knocked out from Group C and was sent packing home to face the embarrassment at Copa América 2011 without a single win and with a loss to Uruguay in addition to a scandal with suspensions involving nearly half of the team in the early stages of competition.
Uruguay will move on to quarter-finals to face the host Argentina, which is promising to be a very exciting derby.