Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Liverpool's Steven Gerrard is recovering well

Steven Gerrard missed majority of the last season,
suffering with a groin injury
Liverpool's manager Kenny Dalglish is excited about recovery progress from the groin injury of the midfielder Steven Gerrard. However Dalglish is not in a rush to play Steven Gerrard and he is not expected to be back on the field and in a starting lineup before September.

"Steven won't be too far away. All the tests that have come back are far better than what was anticipated so we're delighted with that for him",  Dalglish said at the press conference.

"He's had some really positive news and we'll just wait for the progress to continue. But the date that has been mentioned hasn't been changed."

Although Steven Gerrard will be needed on the field, Liverpool's manager will allow the midfielder to completely recover from the injury. 

Watch video of Kenny Dalglish on Steven Gerrard's groin operation & Liverpool's hopes for the new season: