Thursday, June 30, 2011

EPL 2011: Arsenal rejects Barcelona's offer for Cesc Fabregas' transfer

Barcelona may look forward to revising original £27 million offer for transfer of Cesc Fabregas to the Catalonian club and is aiming to offer £31 million, while the Gunners stated that the price tag is no less than £45 million for the Spanish striker.

On the other hand Arsen Wenger might be tempted to let Fabregas go to Barcelona, considering that the Spanish striker did not live up to the expectations of the manager or the fans in 2010/2011 EPL season. Releasing Fabregas might free up some money to be able to purchase new players such as Ricardo Alvarez and Gervinho.

No question that these are tough times for the fans of Arsenal as the future of key players such as Fabregas and Nasri, who might be transferred to Manchester City FC, still remains cloudy. However with talents such as Andrei Arshavin and Robin van Persie the Gunners have showed resilience and toughness regardless of losses on the bench in past and are aiming to have a strong season in English Premiere League.